strings attached: the living tradition of czech puppets at the columbus museum of art

Strings Attached: The Living Tradition of Czech Puppets is currently up at the Columbus Museum of Art until August 4th. It’s a terrific exhibition for those interested in dolls, textiles, woodcarving, mythology, and more. According to the website, there are over 140 puppets in exhibition along with set designs, masks, and video. It’s definitely far more exciting and inventive than the Mark Rothko exhibition that has been getting all the attention! (sorry art history)

Here are some of my favorites from the show (photography permitted without flash):

Kai and Gerda from The Snow Queen (1967)
harp player 
from The Conqueror (2005)
from The Conqueror (2005) 
Snow White
Little Trumpet, The Dog in Armor from The Coach with Hay (2000); these guys are inspired by Hieronymus Bosch
Pantalone, Francesca from Capocomico (1990); apparently, it’s a love story…
puppet by the great animator Jan Svankmajer (1990)