jody alexander – artist and librarian

Jody Alexander is a librarian at Cabrillo College and a book arts teacher at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her work is ephemeral and nostalgic mostly because, while in library school back East, she fell, like Alice, down the rabbit hole into another life.

if she thought it would help, zelda would use her antediluvian curse cache to attain her revenge

Discovering the artist book as a medium in library school, she has been working with the book. Alexander works with the book as both a found object and creates anew using traditional bookbinding and papermaking techniques. Found objects often begin the artwork. In an interview, she states,

It usually starts with items that I collect and I gradually see that they belong together. And, maybe there is space for a little hand-bound book in the front or back of the box, or in the drawers, or some other space. Then the person who owned these items starts to emerge.

Interestingly, much of her artwork includes exposed spines yet the story is convoluted and hidden within the folds. Each piece is tenderly executed and feels precious. Their titles are just as elusive and poetic. Alexander reawakens the lives of the objects and beautifully narrates the stories of the people possessing the objects.

exposed spines
the odd volumes of ruby b


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