denison university 2012-2015

notable projects
– I conducted literature reviews on usability testing (+ other tests) of LibGuides + of discovery layers (such as Summon). From this, I initiated usability testing of our LibGuides.
– I partnered with a faculty member to develop the Expanding Archive, a digital collection of materials related to Queer Studies program + LGBTQ culture on campus.
– I developed policy + guidelines for temporarily exhibiting student art in the library. We exhibited work from drawing, theatre, ceramics + photography classes. I also initiated exhibition of non-library material displays including collaborations with faculty, staff, student groups + the Denison Museum.

– I served on the library’s events + displays committee (co-chaired, read about a Books2Eat event), search committee, facilities committee + web committee.
– I served on Denison’s Women’s Studies Committee, Queer Studies Committee, Community Sexual Misconduct Awareness + Response Team (CSMART), and was a CARE Advisor for Title IX.

– I co-organized with my colleague Moriana Garica, the Natural Sciences Liaison Librarian, a Science + Art Interest Group for faculty. Events included an article reading club, participation in the Denison Museum’s exhibit Green Revolution, and a Science + Art LibGuide. I presented on this work at three conferences, two co-presented Moriana.
– I developed LibGuides for all of the fine arts departments as well as class-specific guides + guides for the Denison Museum exhibitions.
– I collaborated with The Center for Women + Gender Action to bring filmmaker Russell Sheaffer to campus for class visits + a film screening of Masculinity/Femininity.

– I initiated an image-based catalog of our artists’ books collection in Archon, an archival information system. I created a spreadsheet to complete all metadata fields needed in Archon + pulled images from Vamp + Tramp Booksellers (with permission) as well as Denison-owned images of the artists’ books.

the university of the arts 2009-2012

access services 
– I initiated an inventory of the Albert M. Greenfield Library print collection in June 2010. The project was completed in November 2011, scanning over 67,000 books. There were over 600 cataloging errors, over 500 books in the wrong location (with another 1,300 out of order), over 580 books placed on search (potentially missing) + we discovered over 430 books without catalog records. Student workers now shelf-read with updated shelf lists to help track additional issues. Overall, this project has greatly improved stack maintenance. The process + results were addressed in my presentation Taking Stock Pays Dividends: A Painless Inventory will Promote the Library’s Image at the Access Services Conference in November 2012.

– I initiated + provided oversight for a weeding of the Libraries’ Picture File collection. The Picture File had grown to 32 unorganized filing cabinets. Over 25,000 old or damaged pictures were removed + about 1,600 artist exhibition catalogs were inventoried for possible inclusion in the circulation collection. The remaining pictures were organized + re-labeled, if necessary, into 16 filing cabinets. The elimination of half of the filing cabinets made room for 8 private study carrels.

– When I began working at the University Libraries, I initiated keeping track of shelving errors, found during shelf-reading, to compare with circulation statistics + to help determine areas of the collection that get more use + therefore need more upkeep. With this new procedure, there have been less searches for missing items.

– I transferred the University Libraries’ policy + procedure manuals onto Google Sites (UArts uses Google Apps for Education). This allows anyone working at the circulation desks to access the manuals on any computer.

– In August 2012, the University Libraries again participated in New Student Orientation. I was responsible for coordinating the Libraries’ table for Move-in Day, presenting the Libraries resources + services during various new student meetings, and hosting the Libraries’ first-ever open house.

– In the continued effort to assess + improve library effectiveness, I designed an online survey (distributed in October 2011) to obtain feedback from UArts faculty. The survey asked about how the Libraries can best meet the needs of faculty in their dual roles as teachers + professional practitioners.

– I wrote blog posts for UArts Libraries News + posted for UArts Libraries on Facebook.

reference + instruction
– I acted as the liaison librarian to the Studio Art MFA program. I provided an orientation for the new students as well as created a bibliography about the artists in their visiting lectures series. I also worked with First Year Writing classes, including ESL.

– The University Libraries initiated workshops for Fall 2011 + Spring 2012. I presented Diigo: Organizing Your Research One Link at a Time + Google Like a Pro. I also created the UArts Libraries Diigo site.

– I presented a lecture titled Arts-Based Research in Education: The Studio Process as a Research Process to the Art Education graduate students.

– At a faculty member’s request, I created a subject guide for visual artist Vik Muniz. I created a Women in the Arts subject guide + completely updated + revised the Crafts subject guide.