the little blue chair

book coverCary Fagan has written a timeless children’s book about the journey of a little blue chair from its first owner, a little boy, to its final owner, the daughter of the now-grown boy. Each owner declares the chair perfect for their particular need, traveling from suburbs to oceans to jungles. Thought a bit worse for wear and painted red, the now-grown boy easily recognizes the little blue chair.

When I request children’s books from LibraryThing it is almost always because of an interest in the illustrations. Fagan’s story isn’t new so illustrator Madeline Kloepper must reinvents it through charming images.

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In her sketches, Kloepper combines simplicity with sophistication. The colors are primary, but great subdued and cloudy, nostalgic. No two people are alike in size or color so that everyone can find themselves within the pages. Her illustrations are childish pencil drawings that are layered into an engaging visual narrative that not only compliments but enhances the story.

Overall a wonderful book!

Please note I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing in exchange for a review.